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The 142 Biggest Product Failures of All Time

I don’t care if I’m promoting a site which pushes ads at you . . . this time. I haven’t even made it to the end of the list, but I had to create this post. You have to take a few minutes out of your day and read this post.

Did you know Microsoft once tried to market a “smart watch?” I didn’t.  Number 35 on the list really shocked me.

Not only did they try to clone a Blackberry, they pulled Kin One and Kin Two from market after only 6 weeks!

Come on. How many of you bought one or more of the products on that list? Fess up! If you are of a “certain age” you tried “New Coke.” Many of you probably were forced to use a computer with Windows Vista preinstalled. Nothing like having failure built in, eh?

Since this blog is mostly read by IT geeks, a better question would be.

How many of you will fess up to having had a hand in creating one or more of these products?


Be sure to check out #74 on the list!