How Much Liability Insurance?

This question has been rattling around in the back of my mind given the qt-interest on and off-list conversationsĀ  I’ve been having about QML and “lone wolf” development of idiot phone apps. How much liability insurance are you carrying? The courts are letting plaintiffs gather in bulk now and companies have started pointing the finger […]

HUAWEI and the Phallus of Clouds

I have blogged for many years that cloud computing was a train wreck waiting for a plane crash to hit it so it could roll down the hill into a daycare center at lunch time. Too many worthless MBA diploma mills cranking out even more worthless management who can only chant buzz phrases like “quick […]

Theranos – How All AGILE Projects End in a Regulated World

It’s rather fitting that this story breaks shortly after I finished the first draft of “The Phallus of AGILE and Other Ruminations.” The tale of Theranos is the tale of every AGILE project in an environment where things actually matter. At the heart of the problem is the institutionalized belief that it is okay to […]