Was Getting Rid of Norton on Your Weekend To-Do List?

Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre front
May 16, 2021

What started off as “fix Norton” became a “get rid of Norton” item on my to-do list this weekend. I am soooooo happy now. Let me be up front and state that professionals don’t use Microsoft products. Of the six to twelve machines in my office at any given time

Business/Enterprise Class Computing

April 29, 2021

We now have a generation of kids who never worked on real computers, only x86 platforms; so Business Class Computing needs to be explained. This all started with an exchange I had on the qt-interest list with someone I respect. -Text isn’t a stream. Katepart would disagree. part of the

A Wider World by Karen Heenan

April 25, 2021

The Tudor Court, Book Two Historical Fiction Release Date: April 25, 2021 Publisher: Authors 4 Authors Publishing Memories are all he has… Now they could save his life. Returning to England after almost five years in exile, Robin Lewis is arrested and charged with heresy by the dying Queen Mary.