Death of the 2 Party System

Whether you are watching the twitching of the Republican dinosaurs in Springfield, Illinois or watching politics on the national level you have to come to the same conclusion. The 2 party system of graft, corruption and cronieism has died. Its last few surviving dinosaurs lie twitching and shivering in the nuclear winter where they will forever be denied food making… Read more »

Raspberry Qt – Part 1

I must apologize in advance. Yes, I’ve had to do quite a few things in the embedded/semi-embedded world with Qt on Linux. Yes, this increasingly means cross compiling Qt applications to run in various configurations on the Raspberry Pi. These posts will be sporadic and they will not be a soup to nuts tutorial on how to go from a… Read more »

The Impending Market Crash

I have been saying for quite some time that we are heading for yet another market crash. Personally I believe this one will make the Great Recession which we the people still have not covered from seem like an unexpected car repair bill. I’m not the only one now. You can search for “corporate America toxic debt crisis” and come… Read more »