C++ 11 and Qt — Part 4 Test Your Compiler

As promised, here is a test to see if your compiler actually handles initialization lists correctly or adopted a “last one in wins” strategy. #ifndef SMALLDATA_H #define SMALLDATA_H class SmallData { public:     explicit SmallData( int nuVal);     explicit SmallData();     ~SmallData();      private:     int m_data = 8; }; #endif // SMALLDATA_H   #include “SmallData.h” #include <iostream> SmallData::SmallData() {     std::cout << “SmallData Default constructor data value ” << m_data << std::endl; } SmallData::SmallData(int nuVal) :     m_data(nuVal) […]

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C++ 11 and Qt — Part 3 This is Broken

One of the many reasons medical devices and all systems where adverse outcome for humans are slow to adopt “new” things is that there is so little known about “the wrong way.” You will find many snippets and books on-line professing to show you “the write way” but so few show you the wrong way and explain why it is the wrong way. Most of the token few wrong way post and book examples you will find tend to lean […]

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C++ 11 and Qt — Part 2 const

This really isn’t a C++ 11 or Qt thing we need to discuss next. It is something which hoses every C/C++ programmer at some point, especially if you are either tired or reading fast. Where const is matters char txt[] = “Red baby buggy bumpers”; char *ptr = txt;               // non-const pointer, non-const data const char *ptr = txt;         // non-const pointer, const data char * const ptr = txt;        // const pointer, non-const data const char * const ptr […]

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C++ 11 and Qt — Part 1

The medical device touch screen world tends to stay well behind on “new” standards and features and for good reason. Given the 5+ year FDA mandated testing and approval cycle for things with varying potential of catastrophic patient outcome bleeding edge isn’t a welcome thing. Judging from recent contract postings some devices are locked into Qt 3.3.x because that is what was used when they were first built. Until recently most newer devices were sticking with Qt 4.8.x because it […]

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First Circle Club

  Supernatural Fantasy Date Published: September 25, 2015     When Virgil is betrayed and murdered, he thinks his days of catching fugitives as a U.S. Marshal are over. He is condemned to an eternity of filing paperwork in the First Circle of Hell. Then a demon lord gives Virgil an unprecedented assignment. He will return to Earth as part of a team: two souls from Heaven and two from Hell. They must stop another damned soul who escaped and […]

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