Houston We Have a Brexit!

It is amazing anyone is stunned we now have a Brexit. This was inevitable. The EU refused to go all-in and colonize Syria instead trying to absorb millions of refugees into a demoralized economy they can lay at the feet of Wall Street’s major bankers. You know, those elitists who managed to avoid prison while engaging in a financial scam… Read more »

Democrats Without a 2016 Presidential Candidate?

This is a very real possibility in my opinion. For those who haven’t been paying attention, here is how it plays out. Clinton cronies stack the convention putting Hillary forth as the nominee. Clinton cronies and the “elite” of the Democratic party alienate Bernie Sanders at the convention. Dr. Jill Stein (whom you’ve never heard of) woos Bernie into her… Read more »

Why the Driverless Car Will Fail

There has been much hype and hoopla over driverless vehicles, then there is the fine print. I agree with Mr. Berko that driverless vehicles will be a massive failure, but his reasoning is wrong. While his and my generation were raised to love cars, today’s young’uns aren’t. Most Millenials wouldn’t bother to get a driver’s license if their high school… Read more »

What McDonald’s Move to Chicago Tells Us

Yes, officials in Oak Brook, IL are wringing their hands. Some are possibly rending their garments as well. The news is not a shocker, well, at least not for anyone who writes books and watches trends from afar. For those who haven’t heard, McDonald’s is taking over some/all of Harpo Studios. Yes, Oprah’s old studios. While there is great angst… Read more »