Will the Last One to Leave Uber Please Turn Out the Lights?

One universal fact in life is that you can only get so far being an asshole. Travis Kalanick found that out this week. This whole brow beat employees into slavery thing is so very Walmart, most likely the next company to have an Uber fail. CEOs who decide they want more for themselves arbitrarily slashing wages will always suffer a backlash and leave the company with a stigma. Let’s face it, the video of the CEO arguing (really attempting to […]

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How Many Browsers do You Test Your Blog With?

screen shot

It was Friday and I spent the morning visiting my father. When I got home I didn’t feel much like doing “real” work so once again I spent time changing the theme on my blog. Been looking for the “right” theme for a while. Don’t know what it is but will know it when I see it. Today I experimented with Blog Way. I actually spent time going through all of the customization options tweaking it just so. On the […]

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How Far We’ve Come – Pt. 6

screenshot image

As I started to get back into this I realized I skipped one final yet critical piece of the system. The backup script. I imagine some of you questioned where I got the csv files to import. As I said, one of the main reasons I went with Postgres all of those years ago is that I was tired of dealing with the oddities of backup and restore with DBF files and I didn’t want a single OS “solution” which […]

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How Far We’ve Come – Pt. 5

Copying from a thumb drive into our Termux world takes a bit of doing. It’s actually yet another “expert friendly” part of Android. If you don’t already know where things go you can’t find them. I had an 8 Gig thumb drive in my Android 2 in 1 while doing the other Termux stuff. I mention that because I don’t know if the Android device did it or running the program to make storage available did, but an Android directory […]

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How Far We’ve Come – Pt. 4

Termux at App Store image

Keep in mind I have not yet rooted the sacrificial lamb. For the initial stages I’m trying to muddle through it as the average user would. Having had Android on this device for a while now I can tell you I cannot wait for this experiment to be over. I have a massive itch to wipe this device and put something like Elementary on it so it is both useful and without an incessant fount of ads. I also desperately […]

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Interesting Authors

A Group of Very Interesting Authors

The Minimum You Need to Know

Award winning technical book series

Infinite Exposure

Espionage novel which predicted many of today’s news stories
First book of the “Earth That Was” trilogy

John Smith – Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars

Declared as important as “1984” by some reviewers
Final book in the “Earth That Was” trilogy.


Novella sequel to “Infinite Exposure”
Second book of the “Earth That Was” trilogy

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