Blocking Windows 10

I’m basically recording this because I know at some point some relative will visit an antiques shop and while buying steel irons you had to heat on the stove to iron clothes with they will also purchase a computer so old it runs Windows. Talk about obsolete! Windows 10 is now being called Ransomware in many circles because Microsoft is… Read more »

Design Patterns and Real Computers

I received this question from a consultant I’ve worked with in the past. Finally, a question about the gigs you get back there.   Do you run into software architects that are really big on using design patterns? No and for good reason. Any time the contract posting mentions design patters I simply do not apply. You know, I bought… Read more »

This Phil Mickelson Debacle

Seriously, does the SEC honestly believe the former CEO of Dean Foods is the only CEO or board directory selling tips for personal gain. Most of them are probably smart enough to have the trading done via off-shore entities ala The Panama Papers, but, I’d be more shocked if they could find one that wasn’t engaging in it. The fact… Read more »

Have You Ever Noticed How Windows Fonts SUCK?

Recently I’ve had to do some work for what _has_ to be the last company on the face of the planet still using Windows for anything. Since I did not wish to install that virus on any machine I had I purchased a refurbished I-7 HP Slimline quad core. I loaded it up with 16Gig of RAM, a 6Gig/second 1TB… Read more »

The Proving

RABT   May 5, 2016   No Comments on The Proving

  YA Sci-Fi Date Published: 1/5/2016     It’s been 133 years since the Specters invaded Earth. Like ghosts they haunt the planet, devouring anyone foolish enough to venture outside the last remaining protected cities. For some, venturing out isn’t a choice–it’s a necessary evil to prove yourself to your clan as you come of age. But when a team… Read more »