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Tales that just make you want to scream and other humiliating kicks to the crotch.

Egyption slave drawing

We’re All Contractors Now

 seasoned_geek  September 21, 2022  0 Comments on We’re All Contractors Now

Recruiters seem shocked that we are all contractors now, but that is the way it goes for tech workers, especially those in the medical device/embedded systems world. Honestly, that’s the way it is going for many job sectors. I’ve been…

Windows 10 – No Video Display After Update

 seasoned_geek  September 19, 2022  0 Comments on Windows 10 – No Video Display After Update

No video display after update will be a relentless theme over the next few months. You have already seen my post about Manjaro breaking with updates. Yes, had I paid attention, I could have “fixed” that from a terminal by…

Starlink image

Starlink – We’ve Seen This Movie Before

 seasoned_geek  June 25, 2022

Starlink is beating the same drum John Deere beat back in 2011 to cover-up the fact they used AGILE and produced a shit system. I can’t believe I’m writing about this again. I searched my blogs and cannot find my…

VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found

 seasoned_geek  June 12, 2022

I hate it when I have to touch anything Microsoft or running on Microsoft. VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is just the latest in the never ending battle with The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Today it was OnlyOffice that wanted to force an…

scam alert letting text on black background

Beware DilyStore Fraud

 seasoned_geek  May 27, 2022

I buy a lot on-line, almost never get screwed. Made the mistake of thinking DuckDuckGo vetted their shopping. Bought from; got Screwed. Complained to PayPal; got screwed. Involved the U.S. Post Office; got money back. The problem with people…