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So You Can’t Find Yocto People

I have been somewhat hounded since February, perhaps as late as March about a project that needs yocto skills. Like most embedded systems people who are professionals, I dabble in yocto when a project requires it. I don’t do “kernel mods” and I don’t write device drivers but I will…

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Your Sonim XP5800 Won’t Delete Contacts

It’s really annoying when your Sonim phone won’t let you delete contacts. Oh, you can delete some, just not the ones you want. I finally got fed up enough that I figured out how to do this. First you need to navigate to the applications menu. Next navigate to the…

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Linux Mint Random Shutdowns

A jaded computer geek would tell you Linux Mint random shutdowns can’t be fixed. As popular as Mint is, it really tries to offend everyone. There are no end of possible fixes from self-proclaimed “experts.” I’ve even seen people blame the Linux kernel itself, completely ignoring the fact other distros…

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Setting HP EliteDesk BIOS Date and Time

Setting the HP EliteDesk BIOS Date and Time has been a bit of a dark art since the machines were first made. In HP’s traditional gotta-scam-a-buck way, they don’t include the option of setting BIOS date & time in the actual BIOS software. Yes, a feature computer users have had…

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TerraMaster F4-210 and Linux

TerraMaster has software for Windows, but almost everyone wanting to use it uses Linux. Here is how to get it working with Linux. I’m going to use Ubuntu because I have a YABU on most machines. You will need to tweak for non-Debian distros. The F4-210 is a pretty robust…