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That Weird SQLite Error from Qt configure

A YABU is a YABU is a YABU. That’w what you keep telling yourself. Some day it “might” even be true, but, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

So, you’ve been building Qt from source. Say 5.9.7? Always been doing it on Ubuntu 18.04. In fact you have a setup script you cut and paste from when setting up new machines. It’s worked flawlessly multiple times. A monkey could set up a new machine . . . right?

You trust your configure command completely.

Then you move to another machine. This one has KDE Neon, but it is current, and based on Ubuntu 18.04 so you blindly bludgeon forward. Ahhhh, sucks to be you!

'.ROR: Unknown command line option '-sql-sqlite

Nice informative error message isn’t it? It’s even nicer when it pukes on the -qt-sqlite option because that is specifically listed in the –help output.

What this error message is doing a piss poor job of telling you is that you need a few sqlite packages installed for KDE Neon which were “just magically there” in your Ubuntu environments.

grep " install " /var/log/dpkg.log
2018-12-28 14:19:41 install libsqlite3-dev:amd64 <none> 3.22.0-1
2018-12-28 14:19:41 install libvsqlitepp3v5:amd64 <none> 0.3.13-4
2018-12-28 14:19:41 install libvsqlitepp-dev:amd64 <none> 0.3.13-4

I don’t know if you need all 3 of those or not. I went into synaptic and search for sqlite. Those two -dev files looked important. Once installed, the problem went away.