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A Linux Distro That Doesn’t Force Updates Like Windows

I really hate it when a search takes me to a “Stack” site, especially a Linux based “Stack” site. Everybody who does anything serious with Linux is looking for a desktop distro that doesn’t force updates out. When you work in the safety critical systems world you will fail a binary audit if even one version of one library is different on the system. So, I knew I shouldn’t click the link going to this … A Linux Distro That Doesn’t Force Updates Like WindowsRead more

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Ubuntu 22.04 USB Drives Don’t Sleep

Ubuntu 22.04 really screwed the pooch when it comes to external drives. USB drives don’t sleep anymore. Install the Linux Mint version based on this same LTS and it doesn’t have the problem. I mean this pooch is hosed so bad you can’t even see SMART settings in Gnome Disks. Work Around Use Synaptic Package Manager and install hd-idle. If you don’t have Synaptic Package Manager use that icky Ubuntu Software thing to install Synaptic … Ubuntu 22.04 USB Drives Don’t SleepRead more

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Linux Cheats

Here is a list of Linux cheats I just want to keep handy. They will be added to as time goes on. When creating OpenSource software, you have to develop and test on many different distros. No, you can’t “just do Ubuntu.” Given the medical devices I help create and the Yocto building I do, I’m constantly frustrated by differing package managers and such. List Installed Packages Fedora Ubuntu 90% of the time I’m looking … Linux CheatsRead more

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Fixing That Annoying Ubuntu Password Policy

We’ve all been there and the Ubuntu password policy is only getting worse. They really need to print their justification arguments on a roll of toilet paper and wipe their ass with them when they have a checkbox on the install to not require a password for login. There is no security argument you can make when you allow that. They also aren’t smart enough to disable said password policy when Guest Additions is installed … Fixing That Annoying Ubuntu Password PolicyRead more

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PageEdit – BlueGriffin

PageEdit is a true pleasure for editing html files that will be use for things like online documentation or even in-app help. For many years I used BlueGriffon but the last update of that was 2019 and some Linux distros have dropped inclusion. Technically they only supported Ubuntu, but AUR had a build as did other places. Given Ubuntu’s massive bloat and sluggish performance since the 20.04 release (getting far worse with 22.04) people are … PageEdit – BlueGriffinRead more