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The Best Part of Low End

 seasoned_geek  March 11, 2020

As I get closer and closer to the cranky old man stage of life I get pickier and picker about my monitors and office lighting. I also find supposed high end products intolerable. Anyone who reads this blog knows I…

The GDPR and Linux Distros

 seasoned_geek  January 7, 2020

If you use a general purpose Linux distro which pulls from somewhere else (and they all pull from somewhere else) then you’ve experienced it when you tried to file a bug. Tickets file against Linux distros fall into two primary…

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Secret to G fonts in LibreOffice on KDE Neon

 seasoned_geek  January 7, 2020  2 Comments on Secret to G fonts in LibreOffice on KDE Neon

The list of people who have been burned by this grows daily and still it won’t get fixed in Ubuntu based distros. Work with Linux Libertine in LibreOffice because that used to be the default font. Finish writing your book…

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Manually Adding a Disk to Linux

 seasoned_geek  November 16, 2019

We all have to do it from time to time. I’m creating this post so I can stop looking for a trusted source. I don’t add a second or third hard drive to my KDE Neon (Linux) desktops often enough…

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Qt and USB – Pt. 7

 seasoned_geek  January 13, 2019

It took quite a bit of poking around to get as far as I am. Doing a whole bunch of training at a new client site and coming home with a brain of mush doesn’t help either. Adding insult to…