The Current eBay Scam

On 4-15-2018 I received the following email: This was for a Guest order placed on 4-05-2018. I don’t run a virus known as Windows, but, being the only member of the family to ever go to college for computers, I get drafted by family members who “just bought what was pre-packaged and on-sale.” Of course […]

Qt 5.8.0 – The Microsoft Blues

Microsoft is long known for releasing bug ridden bloatware then charging for the bug fixes. Windows Vista followed by its bug fix Windows 7 and who could ever forget Windows ME? In its defense, Windows ME was not an operating system. It was a task switching GUI running on top of DOS fraudulently sold as […]

Thanking WannaCry

Yes, the title of this post may sound odd for an IT professional, but that is just it, I’m a professional, not just someone who gets paid to write code. I run into sooo many people who want everyone to believe “professional” means getting paid for it and nothing could be further from the truth. […]

Raspberry Qt – Part 4

Back in the day of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) everyone had to use a modem to connect to either a bulletin board or friend’s computer. This was long before the Internet. Ordinarily people ran their Unix/Linux desktop systems from the root (all powerful) account and DOS, well, it didn’t have the concept of user accounts. […]

Death of the 2 Party System

Whether you are watching the twitching of the Republican dinosaurs in Springfield, Illinois or watching politics on the national level you have to come to the same conclusion. The 2 party system of graft, corruption and cronieism has died. Its last few surviving dinosaurs lie twitching and shivering in the nuclear winter where they will […]