The Current eBay Scam

On 4-15-2018 I received the following email:

email image

This was for a Guest order placed on 4-05-2018.

I don’t run a virus known as Windows, but, being the only member of the family to ever go to college for computers, I get drafted by family members who “just bought what was pre-packaged and on-sale.” Of course DELL doesn’t ship installation media with their pre-packaged shit and when you order it, years later from customer service, you get whatever the last bundle was, not what was actually on the pre-packaged bundle-o-shit you bought.

Naturally, when I re-installed my Aunt’s computer from the “just like the day you bought it” installation media DELL sold her (because even if you only use it for Solitaire, Windows becomes corrupted) it didn’t have all of the bundled software she originally had.

This lead me to making a Guest purchase on eBay because I won’t allow eBay to sell my personal information and Amazon is a malignant tumor which will one day end the human race.

eBay is desperate to invade your privacy. They want to sell your information just like Google and Facebook. At least they do until they watch both Google and Facebook go down later this year. Our Congress and media outlets can be easily purchased, just look at what the Clinton’s have done with their criminal enterprise, the E.U., not so much. They are the only ones to make any significant effort to reign in the criminal enterprises of Microsoft and Google. That whole Janet Reno thing was a crime against the human race.

You may notice that the “Leave feedback” link looks like it has been clicked. Well, it has. Ten days to ship an order is completely inexcusable. Guess what? The only thing you can do as a Guest is make a purchase. You cannot leave feedback, contact a seller, or return an item. Unless you let eBay completely invade your privacy, you are an unperson.