Just How Blatant Can They Legally Be?

By | April 18, 2017

Today I received the following email. You will notice they didn’t publish a rate for a natural born U.S. citizen who isn’t a walking talking national security risk.


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Dear Partner,

Pro-Tek Consulting is a highly recognized provider of professional IT Consulting services in the US.

Here is our open requirement which can be filled immediately. Kindly respond to this requirement with your consultant resume, contact and current location info to speed up the interview process.
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Job Title:

AS400 – COBOL Developer

Primary Skills:


Miami, FL

, # of Positions: 2, Duration: 


Client gave H1b Rate: $40/hr
Client gave OPT Rate: $35/hr

Hands on development experience in AS400, Cobol
Willing to work in L2 Business tickets

Should work on L2 tickets and resolve accordingly
Discuss with ticket owner fluently and resolve the L2 tickets
Provide on call support as per the schedule
Make code changes using AS400 and Cobol as and when required

Click here to submit for this position online and to speed up the process.

Please respond with you consultant resume, contact, rate and current location info to speed up the interview process. I will contact you if I need further details.

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