Yet Another Reason to Ditch Facebook

By | April 4, 2021

I will never understand why people join Facebook or why they don’t ditch Facebook. You should never post that much about yourself online. “Oh no, I have private pages” is the usual response.

Well, 553 Million users just had their personal information posted on a hacker site. Yes, your information. If you are a user you should expect you are part of the 500 million.

Yes, I’ve posted about security breaches before. They happen all of the time. Unless they impact tens of millions of people they don’t even make the news anymore. Most of you probably don’t even remember when I wrote about the TJ MAXX breach? That seems so quaint these days.

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You people have to realize something. “Move quickly and break things” means security will be one of the broken things. The motto isn’t “Move quickly and only break that stuff over there.”

AGILE is nothing but hacking on the fly.

There can never be justification for using it when you expect people to pay money or trust what you create.

Let’s just see if the court system lets Facebook get away with “a year of identity theft monitoring” or if the Justice Department finally gets some teeth.

Protect yourself, ditch Facebook.

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