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Nuking unattended-upgrades

 seasoned_geek  September 5, 2022  0 Comments on Nuking unattended-upgrades

If you ever needed physical proof AGILE is a false methodology you need look no further than unattended-upgrades in Ubuntu. This Canonical produced and preinstalled piece of software well and truly qualifies as a virus. It is a shining example…

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Starlink – We’ve Seen This Movie Before

 seasoned_geek  June 25, 2022

Starlink is beating the same drum John Deere beat back in 2011 to cover-up the fact they used AGILE and produced a shit system. I can’t believe I’m writing about this again. I searched my blogs and cannot find my…

Long Hours Kill You

 seasoned_geek  May 17, 2021

The WHO (World Health Organization) recently published a study claiming working long hours will kill you. I agree, though I routinely do it. Here’s the difference for me. I routinely work 80-90+ hour weeks when on a project. This is…

Business/Enterprise Class Computing

 seasoned_geek  April 29, 2021

We now have a generation of kids who never worked on real computers, only x86 platforms; so Business Class Computing needs to be explained. This all started with an exchange I had on the qt-interest list with someone I respect….

Yet Another Reason to Ditch Facebook

 seasoned_geek  April 4, 2021

I will never understand why people join Facebook or why they don’t ditch Facebook. You should never post that much about yourself online. “Oh no, I have private pages” is the usual response. Well, 553 Million users just had their…