2020 – The Year AGILE Bankrupts Amazon

You really would have to be living under a rock in a third world country to not have heard about the new lawsuit against Amazon (AMZN) and Ring. If you have just click the link and watch the ABC News report. Having this happen during an election year after all of the privacy issues Facebook, […]

Qt – Printing – Taxes — Pt. 2

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Apple Screws The Known Universe For whatever reason Apple (AAPL) has been allowed to maintain the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) software for Linux and other platforms. Despite what people may tell you Apple is not a technology company, it’s a cult. That’s how you get idiots to spend over $1000 on an iDiot Phone […]

That Annoying Seagate Clunking

If you own a Seagate Backup Plus Hub you know what I’m talking about. That continuous and annoying clicking clunking sound while idle. This is really annoying. If you have the drive running on a nice solid desk shell the sound becomes amplified enough to keep you awake at night from two rooms away. There […]

You Are the Security Breach

If you are using XML, JSON, or the other trendy free text data transmission formats loved by script kiddies, you are the security breach. It’s possible your company doesn’t know it yet, but they will. Seriously people, I’ve seen XML doing this: <ssn>123-45-6789</ssn> How about JSON doing this? {   “firstName”: “John”, “lastName”: “Smith”,   “ssn”: “123-45-6789”, […]

This Labor Day We Can Thank United Steelworkers

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Congress has been too busy taking bribes to do anything about the H-1B loop hole or the mass replacement of U.S. IT workers with much lower paid H-1B visa workers. Worse yet how this oppression helps turn otherwise good people into people with terrorist sympathies. They work each day making $60K or less right beside […]