Category: Thank You Sir May I Have Another

Tales that just make you want to scream and other humiliating kicks to the crotch.

The 486SX

 seasoned_geek  June 16, 2021

It’s not just COVID-19 vaccines receiving large quantities of disinformation. Even the 486SX has its own Holocaust Deniers. I couldn’t believe this popped up again months ago. Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay The time honored (and correct) tale of…


 seasoned_geek  April 11, 2021

Here’s an idea! Let’s add a new feature called Greylisting, set the default to be on, and push the update out without a word. What could possibly go wrong? Back on 3/25/2021 at around noon I sent an email to…

CS Graduate Falsehoods

 seasoned_geek  April 11, 2021

What should be the #1 entry on this list of CS Graduate Falsehoods is missing: Agile is valid Software Engineering Otherwise that list of computer science graduate falsehoods is rather good. No list could be complete, but, other than missing…

Yet Another Reason to Ditch Facebook

 seasoned_geek  April 4, 2021

I will never understand why people join Facebook or why they don’t ditch Facebook. You should never post that much about yourself online. “Oh no, I have private pages” is the usual response. Well, 553 Million users just had their…

A Fedora 33 Virus?

 seasoned_geek  February 26, 2021

Several weeks ago Google started popping up their “we’ve noticed suspicious activity” screen and making me respond to a Captcha any time I used them to search something. I try to use Google as little as possible because nobody should…