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Tales that just make you want to scream and other humiliating kicks to the crotch.

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Beware GlassDoor Company Reviews

 seasoned_geek  May 27, 2022

Some fools believe they can trust company reviews on because they are “vetted.” More fool you! Not long ago I was attempting to place this review for both IBM and Collabera. It’s a true and honest recanting of just…

Tight Squeeze

Collabera and IBM at Navistar

 seasoned_geek  May 18, 2022  1 Comment on Collabera and IBM at Navistar

It’s rare in IT consulting to find a pair of companies with fewer ethics. Even rarer when they require you to take ethics training. I’ve written about corporate ethics many times on this blog. Some time prior to 10/06/2021 I…

I Miss Head Crashes

 seasoned_geek  May 9, 2022

I know it seems unreal to wax nostalgic for head crashes, but at least then you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the drive was bad. Today’s drives seem to half-fail. I was reminded of this story for two…

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So You Are Looking for a New Web Host?

 seasoned_geek  April 13, 2022

I’ve had my share of shit hosting services over the years. Sometimes it feels like I’ve had them all. EIG Companies owns so many it is hard to avoid shit service. It’s all he same shit company with the same…

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 seasoned_geek  September 27, 2021

Anti-Tivoization is once again rearing its ugly head in the OpenSource world. I have never understood the mindset of busting other people’s things then expecting them to fix the things under warranty. I guess you could call this an extension…