Why did the Intel Itanium microprocessors fail?

I really hate Quora making me join and follow 10 things I don’t care about just to answer this question. What a truly pathetic business model! You are probably too young to know the entire story. It’s one of bribes, misinformation, and corporate espionage on a scale that makes China look small time today. This […]

Theranos – How All AGILE Projects End in a Regulated World

It’s rather fitting that this story breaks shortly after I finished the first draft of “The Phallus of AGILE and Other Ruminations.” The tale of Theranos is the tale of every AGILE project in an environment where things actually matter. At the heart of the problem is the institutionalized belief that it is okay to […]

Walmart to Go Out of Business Soon

I have never been a fan of Walmart (WMT). It’s enslavement and exploitation of the most unfortunate in the world I have always found repulsive. There are also those persistent rumors that many of those “Made in China” products are actually “Made in North Korea” and sent across the border to China where the only […]

A TCP/IP Software Appliance

In the very near future, every viable business class operating system will incorporate a TCP/IP Software Appliance. This is not a firewall. What we have today serving as firewalls may or may not server any purpose in the future, but one thing is for certain, we cannot solve our security problems via any hacks to […]

Expires Faster Than Milk

It’s amazing how quickly things become useless and outdated on the Internet. What is worse is people usually choose one of the first five search results and consider it Gospel no matter how horribly out of date it is. Recently I got a bit nostalgic for some of the DOS work I used to do. […]