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Medical Device Companies Using Qt

A discussion arose on the Qt-interest mailing list a while back about medical device companies using Qt. Given that damned few people read that list I decided to post the bulk of it here. I’ll leave their name out. If you really gotta know you can search the October 2022 archive. The assertion: A poster (troll?) writes that few medical device companies use Qt. That issimply incorrect. I know developers at 4 medical device companies … Medical Device Companies Using QtRead more

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Labor Day and Minimum Wage

It should come as no surprise discussion about the minimum wage is heating up.  Add in the fact an election is just around the corner and you find no shortage of politicians trying to talk out of both sides of their mouths to get your vote. There can be only one viewpoint when it comes to the massively widening gap between executive pay and the average employee.  It’s an epidemic which dwarfs Ebola and most … Labor Day and Minimum WageRead more