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Medical Device Companies Using Qt

A discussion arose on the Qt-interest mailing list a while back about medical device companies using Qt. Given that damned few people read that list I decided to post the bulk of it here. I’ll leave their name out. If you really gotta know you can search the October 2022 archive. The assertion: A poster (troll?) writes that few medical device companies use Qt. That issimply incorrect. I know developers at 4 medical device companies … Medical Device Companies Using QtRead more

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We’re All Contractors Now

Recruiters seem shocked that we are all contractors now, but that is the way it goes for tech workers, especially those in the medical device/embedded systems world. Honestly, that’s the way it is going for many job sectors. I’ve been meaning to write something about this Paul Solman story on PBS News Hour so I guess I will merge it in with this. They both stem from much the same place. I’ve written about unemployment … We’re All Contractors NowRead more

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This is why I like working on medical devices

People always ask why¬† don’t write apps for idiot phones. The simple answer is I don’t like killing people, I like helping save them. At some point your app is going to distract someone. They will walk out in traffic, fall through an open manhole, mow down a woman carrying a baby in the crosswalk, or some other horrible thing all because your app was on their phone and distracting them. Yeah, the early days … This is why I like working on medical devicesRead more