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So You Can’t Find Yocto People

I have been somewhat hounded since February, perhaps as late as March about a project that needs yocto skills. Like most embedded systems people who are professionals, I dabble in yocto when a project requires it. I don’t do “kernel mods” and I don’t write device drivers but I will…

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This is why I like working on medical devices

People always ask why  don’t write apps for idiot phones. The simple answer is I don’t like killing people, I like helping save them. At some point your app is going to distract someone. They will walk out in traffic, fall through an open manhole, mow down a woman carrying…

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Raspberry Qt – Part 12 – QML Blows Big Stinky Chunks

Given all of the rah-rah about QML and all of the calls I get about it I think it is time for a level headed appraisal. Unless you are developing only for a platform which already has to drag around the fully loaded 18 wheeler known as a javascript engine…