BOINC’s Holy Grail

The holy grail for people with BOINC machines is a Linux distro which comes with BOINC pre-installed AND automatically installs the NVIDIA drivers so GPU projects can merrily crunch away. It also needs a tiny Web browser and usable text editor, but that is it. Every minimal BOINC distro project seems to die an agonizing […]

Raspberry Qt – Part 4

Back in the day of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) everyone had to use a modem to connect to either a bulletin board or friend’s computer. This was long before the Internet. Ordinarily people ran their Unix/Linux desktop systems from the root (all powerful) account and DOS, well, it didn’t have the concept of user accounts. […]

If I Only Had Time to Focus

How many times have we all said that? I would complete “thing x” if I had time to focus on it. Sadly, it is a lie we tell not only ourselves, but to others. Today, October 30th, 2013, we had yet another HughesNet outage. No matter what those commercials say about Gen4 and its “customer […]