CopperSpice Experiments – Pt. 6
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Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Life has been busy and I’ve been hacking away at Diamond in my “spare” time. I guess I need to catch this post series up. I used GitKraken to clone the repository into ~/Projects/diamond. Then I created ~/Projects/diamond_build and ~/Projects/diamond_debug. Diamond had an additional dependency of hunspell. sudo…

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How to Make Ubuntu 20.04 Work with Buffalo NAS
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Network drives

We’ve all been there. You install a new Ubuntu release and sh*t doesn’t work. It’s really frustrating when it is sh*t that has worked for years. Well, here is how you fix it. Buffalo (and I suspect some other brands) are horribly behind when it comes to network standards and security. More importantly they never…

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The Soul Collector
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Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Suspense Publisher: Story Bound Publishing     As I lay trapped inside this quiet realm, My soul adrift, my body earthbound, A magical book guards my flight, Will it keep me safe till morning’s light?   It begins with darkness. Are they dead, or trapped inside a horrible dream? No one can…

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent
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Mystery/Thriller Date Published: July 17, 2020 Publisher: Blue Fortune Enterprises LLC, Cactus Mystery Press Check your email. Help is out there… When Sherry and Beth discover what their boyfriends have been up to, they want in on the action. Working as vigilantes and providing justice for wrongs committed is a noble thing to do, but…

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Doubles Talk Book 1 General Fantasy Date Published: June 30 Publisher: Acorn Publishing   Kelgan Defthand is used to being top dog at the Academy of Magic where he is Senior Apprentice Mage. Compared to his peers, he’s faster, more skillful, and well aware of it, but when he finds himself beset by fearful voices…

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