Journey by Gary V. Brill

March 23, 2021

The Story of an American Family Historical Fiction Published: December 2020 We hold these truths to be self-evident…not all men are created equal. In 1814, James Woodman lives in Washington, DC, as a free black man who owns a business. As a member of the District militia, James fights to

Dead in a Dumpster

March 9, 2021

Leah Norwood Mysteries, Book #1 Cozy Mystery Date Published: September 23, 2014 When Leah Norwood finds the body of Isabel Meeks in the dumpster behind her store, she can’t believe the police consider her a suspect. Sure, she didn’t like Isabel, but then again, neither did anyone else. Isabel had

The Devil Whispered by Shawn Starkweather

March 3, 2021

  Science-Fiction/Mystery/Detective Date Published: 3/1/2021 Retired special-forces commander Jacobi Slate is drawn into a downward-spiraling vortex of fear and doubt while investigating a brutal murder committed by an old friend. As evidence mounts that someone else might be pulling strings from the shadows, Jacobi struggles to understand a developing connection

Need an UpVote at Icons8

March 1, 2021

Ah, my loyal blog readers, I need an upvote on a request at Icons8. Actually need about a dozen so hopefully there are at least one dozen of the 22,205 “registered users” of this blog. Just upvote this. It looks like this. Pretty self explanatory. I’ve written about Icons8 before.