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How Many Browsers do You Test Your Blog With?

It was Friday and I spent the morning visiting my father. When I got home I didn’t feel much like doing “real” work so once again I spent time changing the theme on my blog. Been looking for the “right” theme for a while. Don’t know what it is but will know it when I see it. Today I experimented with Blog Way. I actually spent time going through all of the customization options tweaking it just so.

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On the left is the site the way I wanted it to look. I’m accessing it via Opera there. On the left is version 54.0 of Firefox. I got the same results on 3 different YABU based distros which were all based on 16.04 LTS. After seeing this I booted that Android device we’ve been using and tested my blog via the Chromium browser it has. Looked just like it does in Opera.

It does beg the question though. Just how many browsers do I have to check your theme with? I know, free is generally worth what you paid for it, but, seriously, if you try to entice people to pay money for the software you write the “free” stuff better work or it isn’t going to draw in many customers.