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Another Reason AGILE Sucks

I don’t have a Twitter account, nor do I want one. Interesting Authors Blog has a Twitter feed so once in a blue moon I click the box at the right on that blog and verify things look okay. Today I found out there is yet another bug in this “Social Media Auto Publish” plug-in from Never get anything from these people. It is just untested shit. Shiny examples of why AGILE Methodology is nothing short of criminal fraud.

This isn’t the first major catastrophe with this script. The first was an update getting pushed out raising the minimum Php version required. Nothing in the update script bothered to test for the minimum though. Just assumed if it was installed it was already good, despite the fact this was the first release requiring the new minimum. Yes, I had to find and fix that myself. Their support was completely worthless.

Now there seems to be some kind of bug with posts which don’t have any images in them. Not __EVERY__ post without an image, just my current story series. I’m suspecting the problem is posts which have neither images nor tags. Either way this is a shining example of why people teaching and praising AGILE should be purged from the gene pool.

As an IT professional I am morally offended that people accept all software will be worthless shit. We can thank Microsoft for that. Thirty plus years in business and still hasn’t released a properly tested product. Quite honestly, hasn’t released a product worth buying.

At any rate, I learned adding an image of any kind and updating those early “My Orphan” posts got them pushed to Twitter correctly. I also changed the name to the title of the book.

“Twenty of Two – The Infamous They”