The Mythos of Innovation cover

Quote from “The Myths of Innovation”

Many innovations, for all their progress, leave a sailboat of forgotten goodness behind. And in our race to innovate, we instinctively reject people who hold on to the past. We can’t know that they don’t have a point. Perhaps they’ve pointed out something timeless that we didn’t think about. Is there an innovation that can replace a hug from your mom? Ice cream on a summer day? Is a strip mall a worthy substitute for an open meadow, or the latest Gehry office tower for the Chrysler Building? The passion of creation leaves us partially blind; we’re focused so intently on what we’re making that we forget the good things already here, or that our innovations might leave behind.

ISBN-13    9781449389628

Every person working in technology needs to read this book at least twice, several years apart. Innovation isn’t what you think it is. Read what happens when innovation goes bad.