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ERROR: resume: hibernation device not found

You gotta love a cryptic error message during boot like: “ERROR: resume: hibernation device ‘UUID=long number here’ not found.” Love even more the fact you need roughly ten minutes of patience to get past it. The thing about having quite a few machines you experiment with is you stumble across the really stupid stuff. I had stuck a 6Gb/s 1TB drive in this i5 to experiment with Manjaro. Eventually I was going to be building CopperSpice or something like that. I thought really fast hard drive would make life better. For those of you who haven’t followed along, I always thought this was a 4th gen i5, then I actually looked at the system info during Manjaro experiment. Yep, it…

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How to Make Manjaro 20.2 work with NAS

You installed Manjaro because you wanted a modern Linux without Ubuntu bloat. Now you can’t find your NAS.

Where Did My QDebug Output Go?

You start at a new place or on a new Linux distro coding away on your Qt project and suddenly find yourself asking; “Where did my qDebug() output go?” Lots of people are suddenly finding themselves in this boat. I fell into this boat after installing Majaro so I could work on the code for the last post. You will find a metric buttload of bad information. In QtCreator you need to navigate to “Manage Kits” and scroll down to the Environment part. You then need to click on “change.” Add QT_LOGGING_TO_CONSOLE=1 (no spaces) and click the OK button. That’s it. Every time you use that kit on a project your qDebug() statements will print out like the used to….

CopperSpice Experiments – Pt. 18 – The Pull Request

It has been a very long time coming, life kept getting in the way here, but my Diamond editor changes are ready for pull. For those who don’t give a rat’s behind about the pull request, here are the new packages. These are not official. I have tested these Diamond editor packages in bare installs of said operating systems. For Ubuntu installs you need to use the Software Installer, not dpkg from the command line because dpkg won’t install dependencies. Note: I don’t remember if I fixed it or not. If you have an existing diamond config, sometimes the only theme you get is the one you had. Just rename your config file before installing. There aren’t that many settings….

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Who Do You Trust?

Poking around this morning I stumbled into this post talking about what your email address says about you. The “Who do you trust?” question hits everyone with an email address, but technical recruiters most often. I love the survey results, even if they did only survey their own members. The graphic found later in the article made no sense given this graphic. I’m old enough to remember when Yahoo was the source of all spam. Of course the source moved around over the years. It had a very brief stay on Prodigy, then moved to Juno (although Juno based spammers used to spam IRC (Internet Relay Chat) boards rather than email because it was difficult to be a mass spammer…