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C++ – Defaults and Deletes – Pt. 1

Defaults and Deletes tend to be needlessly confusing for new C++ developers. Trying to learn this topic is why so many put on a diaper and go code Python. Hopefully this example series and discussion will allow you to man up. This is a continuation of my C++ series to assist junior/new developers so they can do something meaningful with their lives. No, you can’t use Python for a medical device. Remember: In the real … C++ – Defaults and Deletes – Pt. 1Read more

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C++ — That Const Thing

Const is what makes C++ great. Const is what makes C++ too horrible to work with. Developers who read those “Effective” books on C++ really screw the pooch. The developers working on the Qt library who hide everything anyone would want to override inside a “private” class only documented in the source file for the actual class and buried behind a macro passing most everything to it as const make the “screw the pooch” developers … C++ — That Const ThingRead more

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Windows Update KB5034441 and Error 80070643

Error 80070643 is something that won’t “fix itself.” Part of me thinks it was deliberate because most of the “fix” recommendations consist of “upgrade to Windows 11.” Nobody wants Windows 11! It just might go down in computer history as the Next Windows Vista or Windows 8 from the grave. Microsoft seems to have forgotten the “Personal” part of “Personal Computer.” Yes, many of us do much online, but we want our computers to be … Windows Update KB5034441 and Error 80070643Read more

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C++ Initialization and Constructors Explanation

While many of the tools I and other developers use making medical devices require C++17 much of the code we write is C++11. Usually this is mandated by the shop. There are good reasons for sticking with C++11. It is easier to change out a library, especially if another project has already vetted that version of the library with the FDA, than it is to change the coding standard of an existing device. Instead of … C++ Initialization and Constructors ExplanationRead more

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Dice – This is Broken

You would think, Dice, a site branding itself as being for “technology jobs” would know better than use Agile and off-shore labor. Nothing screams “I’m just a hack!” like using the phrase “full stack.” I don’t know for a fact they are using off-shore or visa worker labor, but that is definitely the quality of the software being turned into production. I’ve written about Agile on this blog before. I’ve even written a book on … Dice – This is BrokenRead more