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C++ Initialization and Constructors Explanation

While many of the tools I and other developers use making medical devices require C++17 much of the code we write is C++11. Usually this is mandated by the shop. There are good reasons for sticking with C++11. It is easier to change out a library, especially if another project has already vetted that version of the library with the FDA, than it is to change the coding standard of an existing device. Instead of … C++ Initialization and Constructors ExplanationRead more

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Dice – This is Broken

You would think, Dice, a site branding itself as being for “technology jobs” would know better than use Agile and off-shore labor. Nothing screams “I’m just a hack!” like using the phrase “full stack.” I don’t know for a fact they are using off-shore or visa worker labor, but that is definitely the quality of the software being turned into production. I’ve written about Agile on this blog before. I’ve even written a book on … Dice – This is BrokenRead more

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Yeah, it’s time to #CancelMendards. I’ve bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff there, but management hasn’t got a clue. Obviously they are using Agile and off-shore labor for their IT. Yes, it’s that obvious. Oh, there have been earlier minor debacles. No matter what the Web site tells you, this bracket will not fit the neck of this fire extinguisher. I had to use the crummy black plastic bracket that came with … #CancelMenardsRead more

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The Myth of QML

I have railed against the incredibly poor design of QML for years. Even wrote about The Death of Commercial Application Frameworks because just like the RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools of the 1990s, they have run their course. If you want to read more about the RAD tool era read this book. Only in a shop using Agile could such a horrible design ever get considered. In a real Software Engineering shop that uses Waterfall … The Myth of QMLRead more

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The Myth of Smart Pointers

On page 206 of Beginning C++17 ISBN: 9781484233665 published in 2018 you will find the following about smart pointers. Always use either the std::vector<> container (to replace dynamic arrays) or a smart pointer (to dynamically allocate objects and manage their lifetimes). These high-level alternatives are much, much safer than the low-level memory management primitives and will help you tremendously . . . Quote from the book While using std::vector<> is usually good, the opinion expressed … The Myth of Smart PointersRead more