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Roland Hughes started his IT career in the early 1980s. He quickly became a consultant and president of Logikal Solutions, a software consulting firm specializing in OpenVMS application and C++/Qt touchscreen/embedded Linux development. Early in his career he became involved in what is now called cross platform development. Given the dearth of useful books on the subject he ventured into the world of professional author in 1995 writing the first of the "Zinc It!" book series for John Gordon Burke Publisher, Inc. A decade later he released a massive (nearly 800 pages) tome "The Minimum You Need to Know to Be an OpenVMS Application Developer" which tried to encapsulate the essential skills gained over what was nearly a 20 year career at that point. From there "The Minimum You Need to Know" book series was born. Three years later he wrote his first novel "Infinite Exposure" which got much notice from people involved in the banking and financial security worlds. Some of the attacks predicted in that book have since come to pass. While it was not originally intended to be a trilogy, it became the first book of "The Earth That Was" trilogy: Infinite Exposure Lesedi - The Greatest Lie Ever Told John Smith - Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars When he is not consulting Roland Hughes posts about technology and sometimes politics on his blog. He also has regularly scheduled Sunday posts appearing on the Interesting Authors blog.
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LinuxLite 5.4 to 5.8 Upgrade Breaks NVidia

If you are using the easy update button on LinuxLite to upgrade from 5.4 to 5.8 be warned the upgrade breaks NVidia support. It’s not a hard break, just a stupid one. Kids need to learn the mantra CI/CD == Continuous Tragedy It’s true. Automated testing tests less than nothing….

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Why do actual senior developers walk out when a coding test is mentioned?

The simple answer is every senior developer will hang up the phone, walk out, or tell you to F-yourself when you ask them to take a coding test while those who only have those 50 free Vista-Print business cards saying “Senior Dev” will take the test. There is no higher…

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The Truth About Bootcamps

Bootcamps exist to part fools from their money and pretty much for no other reason. This post is a follow-on to my #cancelQuora post. Featured image courtesy of When Quora started having paid promotional content and paying for questions we must have gotten 32,767 “Which bootcamp is the best…

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Setting up a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS VM in 2022

Sometimes you need to use a really old version of Ubuntu for maintenance. Here is a quick run down on how to set Ubuntu 10.04 up now that the repos have moved. If you need Ubuntu 8.04 see this post. Basically 4GB RAM, 2 CPU, 30GB disk, 64MB video, enable…

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Remembering Lotus Symphony

I never used the DOS version of Lotus Symphony. (Windows wasn’t an operating system until Windows NT. Microsoft committed criminal fraud putting “operating” system on the box because it was nothing more than a task switching GUI on top of DOS. Janet Reno should have put Bill Gates in prison.)…