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The Closed Question #2

 seasoned_geek  September 10, 2022  0 Comments on The Closed Question #2

A closed question is the mark of a site that is letting those without knowledge run amuck. Today I ran into another one. Others had already commented that this question should not have been closed. Those who do not understand…

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Lousy Software Policies of Microsoft Windows 10

 seasoned_geek  January 28, 2021

Been a long time since I had Windows as a primary OS on any machine I cared about. I had forgotten Microsoft’s lousy software policies. Nobody could really forget the lousy software or why <ALT><CTRL><DEL> became ingrained in the mind…

Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre front

Linux Distros That Suck at Multiple Hard Drives

 seasoned_geek  January 27, 2021  2 Comments on Linux Distros That Suck at Multiple Hard Drives

Some Linux distros really suck at dealing with multiple hard drives. Too many “maintainers” only have a laptop. Background You need a wee bit of background before we jump in. Hopefully you can see the featured image. Recently picked up…

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How to Make Manjaro 20.2 work with NAS

 seasoned_geek  January 6, 2021  1 Comment on How to Make Manjaro 20.2 work with NAS

You installed Manjaro because you wanted a modern Linux without Ubuntu bloat. Now you can’t find your NAS.

Making the GigaWare 2600460 Keyboard Work With Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

 seasoned_geek  November 18, 2020

There was a time when RadioShack was cool and when it had some great cheap products. The GigaWare 2600460 keyboard was one such product. This is sometimes listed as 26-460 and sometimes just called the GigaWare Multimedia keyboard. It has…