HUAWEI and the Phallus of Clouds

I have blogged for many years that cloud computing was a train wreck waiting for a plane crash to hit it so it could roll down the hill into a daycare center at lunch time. Too many worthless MBA diploma mills cranking out even more worthless management who can only chant buzz phrases like “quick […]

Why Bill Cosby and Not Bill Clinton?

Now that Bill Cosby’s trial has ended in a mistrial I find myself wondering why Bill Cosby found himself up on charges but Bill Clinton did not. This seems like a vicious miscarriage of justice. When one looks back at what still remains on-line about the Bill Clinton rape of Juanita Broaddrick there seems to […]

Was Putin Really Sticking Up for Bernie Sanders?

Ah the infotainment channels (I shudder to call them news channels) are all up in arms about President Obama‚Äôs speech about Russian Hackers. The story has been brewing for a while now. Odd that influence peddlers waited until _after_ the election to make a big stink about it. The New York Times had a somewhat […]