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I Miss Head Crashes

I know it seems unreal to wax nostalgic for head crashes, but at least then you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the drive was bad. Today’s drives seem to half-fail. I was reminded of this story for two reasons. I listed this machine on craigslist, and it appears…

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Fedora 32 – Black Screen After Login

I set the feature image for this piece to one of my holding my SystemRescueCD. When it comes to Fedora “you gonna need it a lot!“ While I will say Fedora has gotten oceans better since I last touched it, I must honestly say it is still horrible. Basically they…

Bad 1TB drive image
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When It Rains It Pours

After having this BOINC machine basically down for a while I decided to give PCLinuxOS another go. I plugged in an external USB drive, inserted my Terabyte Image for Linux CD and rebooted. Once it was off I kicked off a bare metal backup and went about my business. A…