Linux Distros That Suck at Multiple Hard Drives

Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre front

Some Linux distros really suck at dealing with multiple hard drives. Too many “maintainers” only have a laptop. Background You need a wee bit of background before we jump in. Hopefully you can see the featured image. Recently picked up this Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre from eBay. I specifically bought an M93p instead of M83 because […]

How Far We’ve Come – Pt. 2

We need to establish a time frame before I start showing any code. Yes, you can go visit Source Forge to pull down what is there if you are well and truly desperate to view it. This portion is more about the journey than the code. xpnsqt The xpnsqt program was originally written around the […]

IBM and Chrysler – Keystone Cops Separated At Birth

As one gets older, if one keeps their memory in tact, they can identify family lines and parenting traits for even illegitimate children. For those of you whose brain cannot focus on anything longer than a tweet, let me put it another way, Arnold admitted the affair because the kid started to look like him. […]