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 seasoned_geek  December 29, 2017  2 Comments on PCLinuxOS and BOINC

That gap between Christmas and New Years is a wonderful time if I’m not on project. That’s when I try to tick entries off that “I Wish I Had Time For…” list. Yes, there will probably be a few more…

Solydxk screenshot

First Look – Solydxk

 seasoned_geek  July 10, 2017

This is really what KDE Neon should have been. Not some buggy YABU but straight off of Debian. Hopefully those in charge will consume this distro and re-brand it KDE Neon. Having heaped that kind of praise it is not…

4MLinux screenshot

First Look – 4MLinux

 seasoned_geek  July 10, 2017

Over the past weekend my Internet connection was pretty horrible. After the failure of antiX I wasted a lot of time pulling down 4MLinux. Many attempts to get a successful download then a lot of disappointment trying out the distro….

Doing Battle With KaOS

 admin  January 22, 2017

Those of you who follow this blog and Interestingauthors.com/blog know I’ve been experimenting with quite a few Linux distros lately. The YABU (Yet Another uBUntu) tree has frustratingly broken wireless networking (it will usually connect, just disconnect and reconnect you…

Linux Fatal Design Flaw

 admin  January 3, 2017

Okay, there are many fatal design flaws, such as the inability to actually cluster like OpenVMS has been able to do since the early 1980s, but one is going to bring it to a screeching halt industry wide. What is…