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Some Mainframe Nostalgia

 seasoned_geek  June 6, 2021

I only dabbled on the IBM mainframe over my 30+ year career. One thing that gives me great nostalgia now is SPF. SPFLite2 in particular. I don’t actually remember what we had on ROSCOE when I made the mistake of…

CopperSpice Experiments – Pt. 9

 seasoned_geek  September 14, 2020  2 Comments on CopperSpice Experiments – Pt. 9

Diamond text editor now has many new features, including backups. Here is a run-down. Yeah, it’s been a while. Life keeps getting in the way of actually writing something here. I’m also migrating from BlueHost.com through HostGator.com to inMotion hosting…

Most Text Editors Get Tabs Wrong

 seasoned_geek  March 20, 2020

Why do PC based text editors get tabs wrong? I’ve been getting back into COBOL and writing a book on GnuCOBOL. This lead me to writing a book on Emacs. For no more people than they have, they’ve done an…