What if Microsoft Made Refrigerators?

This question came up today.  Actually it came up a while back and I finally looked at the message today.  What if Microsoft made refrigerators?  The question is an apt one for business systems which is why so few MBAs think to ask it.

If Microsoft made refrigerators they would periodically require a manual reboot, everything in them would spoil and you would just accept that.  Well, you would accept it until you found out the CDC or some other lab was keeping deadly viruses isolated in those same machines.

The question surfaced during yet another discussion of OpenVMS cluster up-times.  For those of you unfamiliar with the serious business platform, this is the platform where 19 years of 24×7 availability isn’t an oddity.  When it comes to OpenVMS clusters, having one which has been rebooted in the past 5 years is the oddity.

OpenVMS is the platform of choice for companies planning to still be in business 25 years from now.  What does your company run?  Time to update the resume`.