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WDMyCloud – Worst Hunk of Shit Ever Made


If you do even the tiniest bit of research you will find no end to the horror stories associated with this product. I mean, just how could Western Digital hose this so completely? All they had to do was strip down or build up a Linux distro with a few Web pages to serve up for the Web interface. With lots of time to go outside and smoke ciggies, the software part of this should have been done in under a month.

The connect your MyCloud to the WD Internet cloud service so you could access your files from anywhere seems to have gone well and truly south as well. I just don’t understand how something so simple could become such a train wreck.

I have had network file storage for more than 30 years. I mean I had Lantastic sharing storage peer to peer, then I graduated to a flavor of Netware which was custom built for the 386-SX. I had a few more flavors of Netware over the years as it worked well with OS/2. Then with Linux one had Samba. I bought this thing because it was cheap and I wouldn’t have to set up a Samba share on one of my BOINC computers anymore. HOW COULD THEY COCK THIS UP?

The WDMyCloud I have isn’t connected to their Internet cloud service. No way was I joining a big fat hacking target like that. I just wanted to be able to copy files around and be able to pull a BOINC machine off the shelf without first having to set up another Samba share.

When I access this via wired computers on the network it is fine. When I access it via wireless, even wireless on the exact same router it is nothing but a trail of tears.

Most of the time I can copy shiny new text files to it, but not always. Large files, fugetaboutit. I have one directory full of documents, some of which I edit multiple times per day, such as my to-do list and that file everyone has to keep around now to keep track of their passwords given the wildly different rules each site has. I can open/edit/save from any wired computer as much as I want. I can even have a text file open in an editor on one machine and change it in another and change notification works.

None of this works for wireless. I can open/edit/save from any of my wireless computers and they will not tell me the save failed. I do not find this out until I try to open the file again and learn it is now zero bytes in size. It doesn’t matter what version of Linux I’m using or what machine. I can unplug my desktop from the wired network reconnecting wirelessly via a USB dongle and the exact same problem happens. Reconnect to the network via the cable and I can do anything I want.

I mean I am not wirelessly connecting to the MyCloud, I’m wirelessly connecting to my own network. The MyCloud _shouldn’t_ know any difference. I have read these devices are soooo underpowered CPU wise that they have serious network timing issues so maybe that is the bulk of the problem. Wireless is just a touch slower which exposes just how cheaply these things were designed.

If you access your network wirelessly from any device do not buy a WD MyCloud.