Oracle Virtualbox 6.1.38 export bug

If you upgrade from Virtualbox 6.1.34 to 6.1.38 because oracle nags you about it, get ready for export to stop working when the destination is a TNAS or possibly any network drive. Yep! They’ve gone and screwed the pooch there.

Really sucked man. Lost the day. I was spending the holiday applying updates, building latest CopperSpice, then exporting each of my development VMs that I use to build RedDiamond packages. Version 3.2 has two features left to add. Changing keyboard shortcuts for Scintilla shortcuts is over half way done. Macro record/play shouldn’t take too long, might even drop from this release. Version 3.2 has a lot of changes and improvements. Really want to get it into the hands of users.

So, this morning I finished with the Ubuntu 18.04 VM and Virtualbox nagged me about updating.

Always, always, always ignore that!

Well, I didn’t take my own advice. Getting a version of Oracle Virtualbox stable enough to use with all of the features you need is so (&)(*&)ing difficult. How about all of you still needing to build for 32-bit targets? Gotta love that 6.x upgrade where 32-bit support has been dropped!

The Target

I’ve written about my Terra-Master TNAS before.

Terra-Master F4-210-1

It’s a reasonably priced, reasonably fast NAS for the ordinary consultant. I packed mine with four 4TB Western Digital RED drives and set the thing to RAID 10. If you’ve upgraded your local network to CAT 8 cables where it matters this is a really fast NAS. I have been having file servers in my office since the days of Netware for the 386/SX. It’s a very effective way of moving files between machines. You can read more about the f4-210 here.

The Virtualbox Bug

Failed to check files.

Result Code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)

That actually appears in a dialog, but I didn’t bother to get a screenshot. Version 6.1.34 exports just fine to that drive and directory, but once you install version 6.1.38 you are hosed. Virtualbox will export “fine” to a local drive . . . maybe. I used to get 2 files, this time I only got one when I chose version 2 of OVA.

Am I going to report this? Hell No! Oracle demands far too much identity theft information to create an account to report a bug.

I’m just telling my blog readers to avoid the mistake I made. Stay locked at version 6.1.34.

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