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red diamond image

RedDiamond AppImage

 seasoned_geek  September 17, 2022  0 Comments on RedDiamond AppImage

It has been a while since I posted about RedDiamond, the editor with EDT keypad navigation, but there is finally an AppImage of it. Granted the New World Order wants Flatpaks of everything, but this is one small step. Those…

Oracle Virtualbox 6.1.38 export bug

 seasoned_geek  September 5, 2022  0 Comments on Oracle Virtualbox 6.1.38 export bug

If you upgrade from Virtualbox 6.1.34 to 6.1.38 because oracle nags you about it, get ready for export to stop working when the destination is a TNAS or possibly any network drive. Yep! They’ve gone and screwed the pooch there….

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

The CUTE Journey

 seasoned_geek  June 15, 2021

Every now and then you will find yourself needing to install a really old Ubuntu version. I stumbled into this with CUTE and Scintilla. You see, the RedDiamond project really needs to jump ship from QPlainTextEdit. The syntax highlighting available…