Information Technology

Fixing Ubuntu Duplicate Printers

Duplicate printers are annoying. Many times I feel Canonical long ago abandoned the “Just Works” slogan for “Just Ship It!” What makes it worse is the duplicate entries don’t work.

Duplicate printers are happening on every system in my office. Doesn’t matter if the system started with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS minimal beta/pre-release or a full install from the current ISO.

At the very best it is sloppy. At the very worst it is a complete lack of testing. You can’t test an OS with automated test scripts; especially if those automated test scripts are simply there to check a box in the AGILE development process.

Close all of your applications.

Open a terminal and type the following:

sudo apt remove cups
sudo apt autoremove

ls /etc/cups/*

sudo rm -rf /etc/cups
ls /etc/cups/*

The last ls command is just so you can verify everything went bye-bye.


Open a terminal window and type the following:

sudo apt install cups

sudo apt install cups-pdf


All should be right with the world now.