The Upside of Coronavirus

By | March 25, 2020

Like most of you, I get a lot of spam. It sucks. Just cleaning out the junk mail folder can be time consuming because the auto-detection sometimes auto-detects the wrong thing. Here is a piece of spam which made me smile.

h1b petition image

Spam for a petition to extend h1b visa grace period

This is something I didn’t really know. The length of the grace period between being canned and being sent home. I did know after going home one could have to wait up to a year before re-applying. This made me smile. Companies have been wholesale replacing IT workers with foreign workers. In many cases illegal foreign workers. In 2013 IBM, Tata, and Infosys quietly agreed to fines for their use of illegals.

Let me be clear here. If you are in this country on a visa which doesn’t allow you to receive payment for work, (i.e. a non-work visa) and you take a paying job of any kind you are now doing something that is illegal. To many this makes you an illegal alien because you are illegally working in this country when your visa says you came to spend money being a tourist or something.

Uber even ramped up foreign labor use while in the midst of a big layoff. Then there was Southern California Edison.

It’s not just China that steals technology. Have a read about Tata (TCS) stealing intellectual property from Epic Systems.

MBA programs are so void of ethics, they will throw national security under the bus for a fast buck.

On the bright side, according to this petition, if the country stays on lock down for 60 days, Disney might have to re-hire American workers. In fact many companies will, including AT&T. This program is seriously abused.

I guess you can simply look at this list of the top 25 H-1B visa sponsors to see who will be most impacted by a 60+ day nationwide lock down.




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