Where Did My QDebug Output Go?

You start at a new place or on a new Linux distro coding away on your Qt project and suddenly find yourself asking; “Where did my qDebug() output go?” Lots of people are suddenly finding themselves in this boat. I fell into this boat after installing Majaro so I could work on the code for the last post. You will find a metric buttload of bad information.

In QtCreator you need to navigate to “Manage Kits” and scroll down to the Environment part.

Navigate down to Environment under Kits not the menu on right

You then need to click on “change.”

QtCreator kit environment qdebug output image

Add QT_LOGGING_TO_CONSOLE=1 (no spaces) and click the OK button. That’s it. Every time you use that kit on a project your qDebug() output will print out like the used to.

There’s a lot of really bad solutions which aren’t contained to QtCreator itself out there. Don’t be duped into trashing your system.

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