Manjaro 5.15 LTS and BOINC

Manjaro and BOINC have had a troubled relationship over the years. Perhaps you read my previous post on this matter. The machine I’m using today is an HP EliteDesk G2.

You will notice I’m using the built in Intel graphics so we won’t have any NVIDIA issues to deal with. Later I may stick in a NVIDIA NVS 310 Quadro and experiment with the Hybrid driver. It’s an interesting concept, but a diversion for this conversation.

Life is Good

After years and waves of people bitching, Manjaro has finally gotten serious about fixing boinc support.

Just install BOINC Manager from Add Remove Software
Add yourself to the BOINC group

In my previous post there was much finding of files and performing chmod on them to get rid of issues. Now, the only thing you have to do is add yourself to the group. Hopefully the package maintainer will add this post install step to the packaging.

enable the boinc client service

After you enable the service, simply reboot.

Boinc after reboot

Manjaro and BOINC Summary

As you can see, real progress has been made in getting Manajor to properly handle BOINC. Other than having to enable the service and add yourself to the group, it almost “just works.” Both of these issues should be fixable by the package maintainer.