Linux Distros That Suck at Multiple Hard Drives

Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre front

Some Linux distros really suck at dealing with multiple hard drives. Too many “maintainers” only have a laptop. Background You need a wee bit of background before we jump in. Hopefully you can see the featured image. Recently picked up this Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre from eBay. I specifically bought an M93p instead of M83 because […]

How to Install PostgreSQL on Manjaro

i5 with super floppy

How to install PostgreSQL on Manjaro (really any Arch distro) is not straight forward. Worse yet, most of the information you find online about how to do it is outdated fifteen minutes after it is published. You have to be sure the versions match before following the instructions. You really need to do this one […]

How to Install Jed from AUR on Manjaro Linux

i5 with super floppy

One of the things most new (and even seasoned) users of Linux find frustrating is the organization of repositories. Linux is supposed to be the same yet when you want to install the jed text editor on Manjaro you have to go on a mining expedition and learn about the AUR (Arch User Repository). Arch […]