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How Does a Person Shoot Themselves Twice in the Head?

I just finished watching “Kill the Messenger.” This is a docudrama about Gary Webb who broke the “CIA sells drugs to fund the Contra War story” then basically had is live destroyed. I agree with many critics that this movie is Jeremy Renner’s best work since “The Hurt Locker.” Don’t get me wrong, he’s good in The Avengers and basically that franchise but this is a role he disappeared into. Perhaps when he’s given a role based on something real he simply jumps?

Text More Shocking Than the Movie

At any rate, the text displayed at the end of the movie was almost as shocking as the movie. After having his life ruined by the supposedly respected Washington Post, The New York Times, and Los Angeles Times the CIA “quietly” releases 400 or so pages of documentation stating Gary Webb was correct.

How does one “quietly” release such damning documentation? Well, you use the cover of Bill Clinton turning a cigar into a dildo in the “Oral Office” then smoking it afterwards. You see, what calls itself “news media” in this day and age is far more interested in Jerry Springer type content than actual journalism.

Shot Twice in the Head Ruled Suicide?

Needless to say, a good many people have long doubted the “official” report that Gary Webb committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head. Yes, for a time it was what some call “conspiracy theorists” but there were still some journalists. Enough of the scant few actual journalists left in the world to cause both a documentary and a major feature film to be made. That got newspapers talking about it again.


The Warning in Gary Webb’s Death


All of it leaves me with one question. If the real goal of the CIA was to stop Russia from getting a foot hold in Central America why weren’t they shipping the drugs to Russia for sale instead of selling them in America during the famed “War on Drugs?”


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