This Labor Day We Can Thank United Steelworkers

Congress has been too busy taking bribes to do anything about the H-1B loop hole or the mass replacement of U.S. IT workers with much lower paid H-1B visa workers. Worse yet how this oppression helps turn otherwise good people into people with terrorist sympathies. They work each day making $60K or less right beside people who are making $160K or more doing the same job. The visa workers who are salaried also end up having to work quite a bit of overtime.

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Technical Professional Unions

Well the United Steelworkers have actually begun doing something about it. They created the PATP (Pittsburgh Association of Technical Professionals) which will hopefully have a Florida branch soon so they can go after Disney. Hopefully you clicked on the link and read the short article. The workers, with help of PATP, petitioned the National Labor Board to unionize. With luck the vote will be scheduled before the end of the year.

H-1B Replace American Workers

Big name companies like Disney have been using the H-1B loop hole for years to mass replace U.S. citizens with foreign labor paid dramatically below market wages.

hcl h1b wage image 1

hcl h1b wages 2

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there must be many more workers near the min salary than the max salary to pull the average salary down so low. Back in 2016 I wrote a post here linking to a Yahoo story about how IT graduates are starting out north of $100K at many of these same companies. Here’s the 2019 salary article. Since Google is the company being targeted by this particular unionizing effort let’s take a look at what the article says about them.

google starting salary

Great American Oppressors

This information is available on the Internet so you know the H-1B worker has access to it. Just how warm and happy towards America do you think a worker pulling down a smidge over $58K doing the same job right next to the U.S. worker feels? Nah, it won’t grate on them at all. It won’t start them thinking the terrorists are right. Hearing their coworkers talk about how much the company stock they are paid is now worth won’t further grind away at them or plant the “Great American Oppressors” thought in their minds. It won’t encourage any of them to send part of their meager earnings back to actively fund/support terrorist activities. No, not at all. I’m sure the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee would never have published anything about Alternative Remittance Systems (ARS) being used to fund terrorism.

Movies to Understand How Bad Things Were

I believe it is fitting that unions are attempting to right this wrongful abuse. After all, many of the workers being exploited during early union days in America were immigrants. Kids today do not have an understanding of just how bad things were or just how bad today’s workers are still exploited. Here are some movies for your rental list.

On the Waterfront


Harlan County U.S.A.

The Molly Maguires

Salt of the Earth

The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal

American Dream

This one is not about unions directly but speaks to the severe oppression immigrants faced in New York’s “Five Points.”

Gangs of New York

H-1B Oppressive Living

This brings me to one final point many/most of you choose to ignore each and every day. Do the tech H-1B visa workers at your company all stay in one or more extended stay hotels? Have some form of company provided “shuttle” to bring them back and forth? It has been my experience this is generally the case in the most oppressive shops. They will be four or more deep in one extended stay hotel room. Why? Because they aren’t paid enough to afford their own place. Yeah, you might be able to tell yourself “they are only doing that until they can find a place they like” but that only works for the first three months. What do you tell yourself when they’ve been living like that for a year?

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I Applaud the IRS

One doesn’t often hear such a statement from those who pay taxes, but, there it is anyway. Of all of the government agencies out there, the one that actually did the most to stop a terrorist take over of America was the one least obligated to do so, the IRS. While many of their employees and agents will become casualties as the American Taliban (religious extremists calling themselves the Tea Party) takeover of America proceeds, we should honor those who gave their careers, if not all, in stopping such an un-American organization from achieving a it’s reign of terror in this country. We have see what the Taliban does in other countries, it is not welcome here. Yes, this Taliban thumps a bible instead of a Quran, but it is just as despicable.

Probably the most shocking part of this statement will be the following: I’m a Republican and this is my belief.


One Unit Rockets

The defense industry has a real genital shrinker on their hands. For decades they have been designing bigger toys with sky-is-the-limit pricing. Today’s world has a lot of big expensive toys which are of little to no use. Tanks are too heavy to cross most bridges, especially those in America thanks to corrupt local governments giving maintenance tax dollars to their cronies instead of doing their jobs.

 What the market wants now is One Unit Rockets. Not just America, the bulk of the market. Yes, the terrorist groups and countries still want a nuke, but, the rest of us know the only way to dispose of a nuke once you build it is to detonate it. Until our collective space programs can get outside of our solar system or find an unsuspecting asteroid close by, we don’t have a safe place to detonate these aging and leaking things.

 One Unit Rockets, for those who question the term, are rockets which can fly great distances, either from a drone, or a ship hundreds of miles at sea. They have pinpoint guidance. When they explode, they take out everybody in one room without blasting through the dry wall and killing others in the building.

 Why does the civilized world want one unit rockets? Because now we fight the scum of society. Spineless creatures like those joining Hamas, al-Qaeda, terrorist organizations. Those who mount rocket launchers on top of children’s hospitals then denounce those who strike back at a site from where multiple rockets were launched into a civilian population. Those who hijack passenger jets and fly them into buildings killing thousands, then hide within a population of innocents. Those who must have been born without souls who go on television and try to spin the retaliation for such crimes as a greater crime than the slaughter of innocents which brought about the retaliation.

 Because this excrement tries to use our own morality against us, we need a new weapon. One which can be launch from hundreds of miles, can fly through a window or physically hit the rocket launcher, detonate killing all of those around it, yet not penetrate the roof or the sheet rock walls of the room when it detonates.

 Oh, and due to economic conditions, this rocket needs to be priced somewhere between the cost of a hand grenade and a bazooka. This rocket also needs the capability to skim the ground and fly up a tank barrel just in case someone with tanks really does try and attack us. It’s okay if the propulsion portion lodges in the barrel to burn itself out, but the payload must continue on to detonate the shell in the chamber.

 The day of the $20+billion dollar toys is over. Unless you want to focus on building a human civilization on Mars it is probably not going to return. We already know today’s smart phones have more computing power than you need for the navigation system. The world is looking for something which can be purchased in thousand round lots, just like bullets, and deployed, just like bullets, so the world knows what it “should” cost.

If you are standing in the room where terrorists are meeting, your claim to innocence is far less than the elderly woman two units over in an apartment complex.

You’re Only an Ass Until You Are Proven Right

Quite a few months ago I started writing my first novel, “Infinite Exposure”. The first 18 chapters are available for free in PDF format here:

I hadn’t really thought about writing a novel prior to writing this one. Yes, I had ideas, but I liked focusing on writing geek books. During an on-line interview for one of my geek books I was asked to explain where I saw IT going in the next five to ten years. I couldn’t adequately answer in the space allowed. Most people handed that question have some pat prognastication about computers which fit in the palm of your hand and expand to a full desktop on command, or some other SciFi type answer to satisfy the reviewer. I didn’t want to give such a brush off answer, instead, I chose to give an honest answer.

“The off-shoring of IT jobs will lead to the largest terrorist strike the free world has ever seen, and ultimately nuclear war.”

There were several follow up questions from the interviewer, but you could tell by the way they were phrased that they didn’t really understand what they had been told. In short, you could tell they were listening to MBA types who thought I was just being an ass because off-shoring was cutting into my livelihood. While that was a plausible cover story, it simply wasn’t the truth.

In the book “Infinite Exposure” I attempted to tell a story which would lay it out in terms a non-geek could understand. Admittedly, I shied away from taking the story about black market organs and stem cells as far as I shoul d have, but I didn’t want to detract from people focusing on the larger threat.

The news is now telling a tale about a very small time version of the attack I fear most.

FBI Uncovers Worldwide $9M ATM Card Scam (RBS WorldPay),0,7303260.story

Funding al-Qaeda With Taxpayer Dollars

It’s bad enough when massive banks which took millions, and in some cases billions, in taxpayer bailout money, import L1 and H1 visa workers with little to no care about either taxpayer opinion or national security. We’ve even gotten used to the “consulting firms” which were flying operatives over on tourist visas then billing them out as consultants to clients and paying these people on a 1099. Thankfully the IRS caught onto it as well and now there is a massive round up going on. Now, the colleges are even openly funding al-Qaeda. Of course, the IRS seems to have caught onto it at roughly the same time a guy was busted in Denver for buying lots of hydrogen peroxide for another group of guys in New York. Now CEO’s and HR executives are quaking in their boots because when the case goes to trial, those who signed the sponsorship will find out they agreed to serve the same sentence as the convicted.

Back in December, near the 15 th, a technical college in Madison Wisconsin put out an “ immediate need” requirement for a technical writer. In January, they decided to bundle all 89 IT project requirements they had into one massive bid. At no point was there a requirement that submitted candidates had to be a U.S. Citizen. Judging from the phone calls I received on this, there was also no requirement that any consulting firm submitting candidates for bid have a single U.S. Citizen on their payroll or in management. English certainly wasn’t required to be the primary language of anyone involved, which makes one wonder what the result of all the writing would be.

The “immediate need” still has not been filled. It’s now February 17 th, so this has gone on for more than two months. If a technical college is teaching their IT students “immediate need” means under three months, then they well and truly are turning out useless graduates, but, they don’t care, because they are directing our tax dollars into an area with the highest probability of those funds ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda. While it is true that there have been home grown terrorists in the U.S., the bulk of the recruits and funding still lies overseas. While federal authorities can track all of the charities in this country which sympathise with and are suspected of directly funding acts of terrorism against this country, It is a much more daunting task when the money leaves this country in the form of payroll or savings and enters a banking system which is not electronically monitored.

Earlier this week, the college managed to release counts, but not lists of names of those they selected. They have repeatedly had time to send out communications to all those submitting that “high bids” will not be short listed. There is no adequate description of what a “high bid” is. There is also no mention that as a school receiving federal money in one fashion or another that they are required to pay the prevailing wage AS DETERMINED BY THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR for each job.

Then again, you would think that a college, funded with federal tax dollars, either directly or indirectly via student loans and grants, and state tax dollars, either directly or indirectly, and the college savings accounts of U.S. Citizens in and around the area would demand that all contractors submitted be U.S. Citizens. It is the only ethical thing for them to do. So far, I have seen no evidence what-so-ever that is the case.