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So You Can’t Find Yocto People

I have been somewhat hounded since February, perhaps as late as March about a project that needs yocto skills. Like most embedded systems people who are professionals, I dabble in yocto when a project requires it. I don’t do “kernel mods” and I don’t write device drivers but I will…

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Who Do You Trust?

Poking around this morning I stumbled into this post talking about what your email address says about you. The “Who do you trust?” question hits everyone with an email address, but technical recruiters most often. I love the survey results, even if they did only survey their own members. The…

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The Bottom for Technical Recruiting Just Keeps Getting Lower

Ordinarily I wouldn’t drag something this specific onto my geek blog, but every time I try to reply to the pimps email it bounces. I had never heard of gandi.net. Given how well their email works I suspect they won’t be around for very long. Why do I need to…

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Popups and Popovers are Physically Inexcusable Design Failures

You know, when I’m driving around, I listen to WBBM News Radio 78 quite a bit if I’m close enough to pull it in, this is especially true if I’m helping on the family farm as you kind of live by the weather during times of fieldwork. This is in…

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Why You Suck As a Technical Recruiter – Again

It never ceases to amaze me how the most unqualified people tend to become “technical recruiters.” I had a big conversation a while back with the head/owner of a “consulting” company about why he can’t ever find Qt consultants capable of landing a contract. You only work W-2. Qualified people…