Does Anyone Else Remember When the Ghetto Was Universally Hated?

The title kind of says it all. I remember those times. Perhaps I’m part of the last generation which will remember such times. I know prior generations held firmly to the belief. No matter where they came from, any able bodied person who found themselves in the ghetto hated being there and worked any job […]

Part Supersession Debacles

I have run into this problem so many times during my career it is not funny. You get this problem when you higher managers from rinky-dink schools like Keller and combine them with engineers willing to work for below market salaries. What is the problem? The misguided and ill-informed decision you can save money by […]

The Starvation Caused by Short Term Gains

Those of us who see the destruction and devastation all around us find it difficult to condone what others pursue as “a good business practice.” We have heard for years about stock market players (in particular mutual fund and hedge fund managers) pursuing short term gains to juice their overall portfolio. We have watched corporations […]