A Case of Cabs

Several weeks back I needed to leave my car at Meineke for part of the day. Nothing major, just shocks, struts, and a front bearing assembly. Parts house was going to take a while to get the assembly to them and I didn’t feel like waiting around. Called Yellow cab and in under 10 minutes […]

Part Supersession Debacles

I have run into this problem so many times during my career it is not funny. You get this problem when you higher managers from rinky-dink schools like Keller and combine them with engineers willing to work for below market salaries. What is the problem? The misguided and ill-informed decision you can save money by […]

HP UX and MS Windows Fail

It isn’t really a surprise to anyone who knows anything about technology. It is only a shock to those missguided souls who listen to that marketing firm known as The Gartner Group. Recently the Shanghai Stock Exchange announce it will be replacing its current HP UX trading engine with a next generation platform developed completely […]