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Mint Cinnamon Desktop
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Linux Mint Random Shutdowns

A jaded computer geek would tell you Linux Mint random shutdowns can’t be fixed. As popular as Mint is, it really tries to offend everyone. There are no end of possible fixes from self-proclaimed “experts.” I’ve even seen people blame the Linux kernel itself, completely ignoring the fact other distros…

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First Look at Chakra RoboLinux and Linux-Lite

The search for a Linux distro where BOINC and the NVidia drivers allow access to all 384 CUDA cores without causing the infamous “NVidia Crash” has lead me to discover a new KDE based distro called Chakra. This is a fork from Arch. It’s a rather unique concept, if, they…

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Linux Mint 13 KDE and LibreOffice 4.0

Those of you who write for a living or simply have people send you nasty DOCX and DOC files you need to edit should be a wee bit excited. LibreOffice 4.0 is here! I spent some time on Sunday downloading and installing it based upon instructions I found at this…

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Mint 13 KDE on Acer Aspire One 772

I’ve been tired of my Toshiba A215 notebook since I bought it. I was in a situation where I needed to replace my existing notebook when I bought it and Microcenter had a “deal” on it. The “deal” was it was cheaper if I walked out the door carrying it…