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A Linux Distro That Doesn’t Force Updates Like Windows

I really hate it when a search takes me to a “Stack” site, especially a Linux based “Stack” site. Everybody who does anything serious with Linux is looking for a desktop distro that doesn’t force updates out. When you work in the safety critical systems world you will fail a binary audit if even one version of one library is different on the system. So, I knew I shouldn’t click the link going to this … A Linux Distro That Doesn’t Force Updates Like WindowsRead more

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The GDPR and Linux Distros

If you use a general purpose Linux distro which pulls from somewhere else (and they all pull from somewhere else) then you’ve experienced it when you tried to file a bug. Tickets file against Linux distros fall into two primary categories. Let it rot until it can be closed due to no longer supported version Flag it closed and tell the user to report it “upstream.” Today’s rant is about the second category because it … The GDPR and Linux DistrosRead more